Don't Let Car Trouble Slow You Down

Find a solution at our auto repair shop in Lee, MA

Is your check engine light on? Don't wait for minor car problems to turn into expensive disasters. Get your car fixed with a trip to Cabrals Milltown Motors. Our auto repair shop in Lee, MA can diagnose your car's problem and provide the proper solution.

From motorcycles to cars, trucks and SUVs, you can rely on our auto mechanic to make your ride work properly. We're a full-service auto repair shop and have the tools and experience to fix all kinds of problems. Contact us today to schedule repair services.

Find a mechanic for your motorcycle

Since motorcycle trouble can lead to especially dangerous situations, it's that much more important to keep your bike functional. If you need a tire change or oil change for your motorcycle, Cabrals Milltown Motors can help.

You can rely on our mechanic to balance your tires and make sure your bike is safe to ride. We'll also perform a full tuneup so you can get the best ride possible and enjoy your motorcycle longer. Schedule motorcycle repairs or tuneup services today.

We do more than just repairs

Plenty of people can take a wrench to a car to fix minor problems. Cabrals Milltown Motors has specialized equipment and can go above and beyond for your vehicle. Turn to us when you want to...

Make your car run as efficiently as possible with a full tuneup including everything from an oil change to a wheel alignment

Take advantage of our touchless tire change service to replace your tires without damaging your wheels

Use our pipe bender to install a custom exhaust pipe or repair your current one properly

We aren't just focused on your money. Our auto mechanic will work meticulously to update your vehicle correctly and leave you with a safe, efficient ride. Get a free estimate on the auto services you want when you call 413-394-5810.